combating pollution

Unveiling the Crisis

Dive into the profound effects of plastic pollution on our oceans, exploring the alarming statistics and visible consequences on marine life.

A Path to Sustainability

Explore the potential of ISO standards in revolutionizing the way we use and manage plastic.

Navigating the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Examine recent international resolutions, such as the landmark decision during the United Nations Environment Assembly, and their implications for combating plastic pollution.

About us

Plastic is a crucial material in our economy and daily lives, serving multiple functions that address various challenges our society faces. It is found in packaging ensuring food safety, reducing food waste, lightweight and innovative materials decreasing fuel consumption, and biocompatible plastics saving lives in the medical field.

However, alongside its benefits, there is an urgent need to address environmental issues stemming from the end-use of plastic products. The millions of tons of plastic waste reaching our oceans are among the most visible and alarming signs of these problems.

“Beat Plastic Pollution,” the theme of this year’s World Environment Day (June 5), serves as a call to action for everyone to come together in combating one of the significant environmental challenges of our time. ISO standards can play a crucial role in achieving this objective, enhancing efficiency, and reducing unnecessary waste globally. We partner with several different companies like Mudanças Lisboa, that follow a very eco-friendly approach to their businesses.

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